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What is intestine lavage?

SES - saline enteral solution
Basic difference of intestine lavage from other techniques
Indications to application of intestine lavage
Contraindications to procedure intestine lavage
Organism detoxification - what for it is necessary?
How intestine lavage influences metabolism, condition of blood and cells?


SES - saline enteral solution

Lavage - from French «le lavage» - irrigation of hollow organ: gastric lavage, bronchial lavage etc. Intestine lavage – cleansing of all gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) in natural direction for the purpose of excision of toxins from organism. The greatest clump of toxins is found out in intestine, therefore the method has received the name of intestine lavage.

During this procedure the patient drinks SES on 150 ml every 5-10 minutes. After 0,5-1,5 hours from the procedure beginning, the filled intestine (independently, softly, without efforts and pain) will be released from contents. The procedure continues until when intestinal washings become clear yellowish. At this point the receiving solution may be discontinued. Intestine stool occurs in portions, proceeds to pure waters and stops in 30-40 minutes after the termination of SES reception. The whole procedure takes 2-3 hours, after which the patient is included in the normal rhythm of life.

The course of intestine lavage includes not less than 4 procedures which are lead with intervals from 2 to 7 days. Programs for treatment of diseases with inclusion of intestine lavage are made by the treating doctor individually, after primary consultation.

The very first procedure is lead only under observation of the doctor!

SES structure is balanced by content of minerals. Taking into account human physiology, it is similar to content of minerals of empty intestine.
SES is patented.

SES structure
Water distilled
Up to 4,5 liters

Basic difference of intestine lavage from other techniques

High medical and preventive results of intestine lavage are bound to its triple action:

• General purification of all organism from toxins
• Normalization of indicators of blood and metabolism
• Elimination of intestine dysbacteriosis

In particular intestine lavage is more effective and physiologic than purgatives (including, made of osmotically active substances - sorbitum and PEG) and colonics as:

• Clears not only colon, but also small intestine
• Promotes normalization of micro flora throughout all GIT
• Normalizes blood and metabolism indicators
• Promotes restoration of function of organs of GIT and cardiovascular system
• It is lead without application of the equipment for intestine intubation.

The course of procedures of intestine lavage gives the fast and guaranteed effect of removal from organism of toxins.
It strengthens effect of other medical programs. It promotes essential increasing of mastering of medicinal preparations, including referred on normalization of intestinal permeability and updating of parietal microflora. Efficiency of action of the medications accepted right after of procedure of intestine lavage or together with one of last SES portions rises many times.

Indications to application of intestine lavage

PREVENTIVE COURSE allows to reach:

• Inflow of force, energy and vivacity
• Improvements of color and elasticity of skin
• Sleep normalization
• Increasings of efficiency of cosmetic procedures and operations
• Strengthening of structure of hair and fingernails
• Immunity increasing
• Libido increasing
• Optimum preparation for planned surgeries and irrigo - and colonoscopies

MEDICAL COURSE is indicated at following diseases:

• Intestine dysbacteriosis
• Dyskinesia of bile ducts
• Chronic bronchitis, frequent catarrhal diseases
• Obesity, diabetes of 2nd type
• Eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, acne, furunculosis, generalized herpes infection
• Erysipilatous inflammation
• Constipation of 1-3 degrees of functional character
• Diarrhea
• Allergic diseases
• Alcoholic hungover syndrome, discontinuing of drinking-bouts
• Sleeplessness, migraine
• Premenstrual syndrome, disturbances of physiologic menstrual cycle

MEDICAL COURSE also is indicated after:

• Course of antibiotics
• Food poisoning
• Holidays in tropical countries
• Stresses

Contraindications to procedure intestine lavage


• Gastroenteric and other internal bleeding
• 2nd half of pregnancy
• Diseases demanding urgent surgical intervention or intensive care


• Erosive gastritis
• 1st half of pregnancy
• Gallbladder and kidney stones
• Diabetes of I type
• Hypertensive crisis
• Hemorrhoids exacerbation

Organism detoxification - what for it is necessary?

At human body there are toxins of various origin: one of them get from the outside, others are formed in the course of digestion and vital activity of cells, the third are allocated with microbes occupying GIT.
Human organism tries to get rid of them in different ways, including through GIT. For struggle against toxins in organism there is a system of organs of detoxification: liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, immune system, etc.
At young age detoxification organs effectively decontaminates toxins and the person feels healthy.
At excess of formation of toxins or at disturbance of work of organs of detoxification the organism ceases to cope with toxins therefore there is self-poisoning. It is promoted by organism aging, wrong diet and poor quality of products, disturbance of sanitary-and-hygienic norms, stresses, tobacco smoking, alcohol, other bad habits, uncontrolled drug intake, diseases.
Mild self-poisoning brings with it bad mood, nervousness, fatigability, sleep disturbance, defects of skin. The serious self-poisoning can be a main reason of chronic diseases, in particular, such dermatoses, as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema.

John Pagano - the author of the several books devoted to treatment of chronic dermatoses, considers as their main reason superfluous income of toxins from hyperpermeable small intestine. His technique of treatment of dermatoses besides diet provides normalization of work of intestine and its regular purification by means of hydro colonic therapy.

Intestine lavage provides the physiologic, deep, prolonged purification of organism from toxins and allergens.
Congestive bile leaves, work of system of bile secretion and extraction improves, as well as work of pancreas and intestine improves, intestine micro flora is normalized. In intestine inflammatory processes cease. Permeability of intestine wall for toxins, allergens, microbic products decreases. As a consequence, the stream of toxins and allergens into blood decreases, that reduces their load on all organs of detoxification.. Blood is cleared of products of cellular exchange, so concentration of toxic substances of both inner and outer origins decreases. The content in blood of bilirubin, urea, creatinine and other products of metabolism is normalized. The mechanism of purification of blood during intestine lavage may be explained by that thanks to excision from GIT of toxins and endogenous metabolites, they move on concentration gradient in direction of : Cell-> intersticial liquid-> blood-> GIT. And then leave from intestine together with washing waters. So it interrupts circulation of toxins between intestine and liver (enterohepatic) and between blood and GIT (enterohematic).

Enterohepatic (EHP) and enterohematic (EHM) circulation of substances. Total detoxification of organism during intestine lavage.
II - tissues
IV - excision of toxins


How intestine lavage influences metabolism, condition of blood and cells?

During procedure under the law of balance of concentration one substances at their disadvantage of blood are selectively soaked up from solution. Other substances at their excess aspire from blood into the solution and further leave from organism. If there is not enough in organism, for example, of potassium or calcium, it will receive it from solution, and excess of sodium and together with it excess of water will leave from blood in intestine cavity. By such principle there is an exchange through intestine wall between the solution and the blood of all substances: excess of cholesterol, sugar and other substances leave, ceasing to disturb organism working correctly. Acidity of blood is thus normalized, and its fluidity improves. At ascite syndrome at the expense of excision of excess of water the size of blood cells decreases, and they pass through the finest blood vessels of lungs where are enriched with oxygen, and carry it to other cells. "Breath" and nutrition of cells of all organs improves. Cells rejuvenate.

Intestine lavage procedure is developed in Scientific Research Institute of First Aid of Sklifosovsky NV (Moscow) with the assistance of science-methodic center «Lavage Global» (Moscow). The method is patented and approved to application by Federal Agency of Supervision in Sphere of Public Health Services and Social Development. Registration certificate FC-2006/386.