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Ration - 2006

In old vegetarianism (veganism) all products which directly or indirectly have animal origin are excluded from food. Ration - 2006 is based on veganism and some references from book of John Pagano "Healing psoriasis - The Natural alternative".

1. Allowed products

1.1. Cereals, bean, nuts, vegetables, fruit, berries, leaves of green plants (parsley, dill, coriander, lettuce etc), mushrooms (occasionally), honey.
1.2. Any products prepared only from listed in item 1.1 (cereals, bread, vegetable oils, frozen vegetables or fruits, juice, dried fruit etc.)
1.3. And also fish (not more often than 2-3 times a week) - assortment according to head "Diet and nutrition" from "Healing psoriasis - The Natural alternative".

2. Forbidden products

2.0. All products (including resolved) on which there is allergy.
2.1. Meat, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, milk products, ice-cream, cocoa, coffee, sugar, salt, yeast, chocolate, macaroni, molluscums;
2.2. White bread and everything that from white wheat flour.
2.3. Any alcohol drinks, including beer.
2.4. Drinks of type "Fanta", "Coca-Cola", i.e. any drinks with artificial additives.
2.5. Hot spices (based on pepper etc.) and other spices
2.6. Pickles, marinades, i.e. tinned products not in own juice.
2.7. Any fried foods.
2.8. Any cold nutrition or drink.
2.9. Dried fruits processed in pairs of sulfur (sulfured)
2.10. Hydrogenated oils (margarine, shortening).
2.11. Soya products
2.12. Any sugars (except honey)
2.13. Any products in which there is something from listed above (pasta, pastries, pies, ice-cream, mayonnaise, chocolate, sweets etc.)
2.14. Smoking and chewing gum

3. Preferences and references

3.1. Fresh food it is better of that  boiled, which in its turn, is better than fried.
3.2. Fresh juice is better than preserved. Tinned juice - without any additives and sugar.
3.3. Fresh juice shouldn’t be stored, drink right after preparations.
3.4. Water filtered or boiled.
3.5. Juice or water is better then tea
3.6. Carefully chew foods.
3.7. Quiet, slow and benevolent mood during meal.
3.8. Fruit and juice as separate nutrition - but never between receptions of meal or during other meal. Between meals - drink only water.
3.9. Unsweetened herbal tea is supposed between food intakes, sweet - instead of food intake.

4. Daily additions and references

4.1. From 6 to 8 glasses of pure water in addition to all other liquids consumed. Don't drink water during the meal!!! Drink only between meals, instead of during; Drink not later than 15 minutes prior to meal (it is optimum!) and not earlier than in 2 hours after meal. Optimum water temperature is close to body temperature or above. Right after sleep - drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice and the same - before sleeping. Don't drink quickly, drink by small sips.

4.2. Reduction of quantity of vitamins and micronutrients consumed together with meal, is possible. Daily accept 1 tablet (after meal) of  "Vitrum" or similar to it. Especially in winter and in spring time.

4.3. Last meal not later, than for 6 hours before sleep. For optimum, that should be fresh fruit, juice, honey.